The World That We All Deserve Through Music

An ambitious project to inspire and create common ground for music students in Philadelphia's neighborhoods

Ranaan Meyer lived on a block in Philadelphia for 10 years that stood between a disadvantaged community and one of privilege and prosperity. 


A neighborhood boy named James caught Ranaan returning home one day with his bass on his shoulder. Excited, James wanted to learn all about it. A month later, James proudly ran up to Ranaan to show his new violin, lent to him by his school. The next year, James again presented Ranaan a new instrument - this time a viola. Over the next few years a parade of instruments came and went, trombone, bassoon...until James told Ranaan he didn't really care about music anymore.

Ranaan Meyer is out to make sure students like James can find what they're looking for in music - whether it's playing classical music, or jazz, or finding your own path. The World That We All Deserve Through Music is more than just music - it is the inspiration of realizing that when you put an instrument in your hands you have an unlimited potential to change the world! 


​The music from this program leaves all genres behind, and allows young musicians to look beyond strings or keys or reeds to find a voice they never knew they had. When a school or program takes on The World, students learn from Ranaan Meyer that music can take you anywhere. 


Music from the project, video resources, in-school residencies, and classroom curricula allow The World That We All Deserve Through Music to be used by any sized music program (even a non-existent one!). Beginning Fall 2013, applications will be available to receive this experience at no cost. 


For more information, contact info@ranaanmeyer.com.



Supported in part by Play On, Philly!, and a grant from the American Composers Forum, Philadelphia Chapter.



Sample The World program with Mad World, a track for string orchestra. All of the percussive noises in this piece are generated on string instruments and through stomping and clapping.

About our Partners


Play On, Philly! www.playonphilly.org

We are extremely proud to partner with Play On, Philly! for this unique project. From the moment we sat down with POP CEO Stanford Thompson and Artistic Director Kathleen Krull, we realized that something special was in the works. POP has seen a meteoric rise in the arts culture of Philadelphia, making a first-class arts education available to children in troubled and underserved neighbordhoods at no cost to them. Thanks to their research into the communities in greatest need, their talented and dedicated faculty, and their vision for a better Philadelphia we are able to reach the schools that need this music the most. Our partnership includes sharing Ranaan's experience performing over 800 outreaches with POP's faculty of Teaching Artists, working with the gifted and incredible students of POP (who will perform these works in concert), and Ranaan's prolonged involvement in the communities of Philadelphia. We are thrilled to work with such an important organization as our Community Partner.


American Composers Forum, Philadelphia Chapter www.acfphiladelphia.org

James Falconi presented us with a challenge - 10 days to write a grant proposal and find a way to partner with an organization in the community to make this project come alive! We were able to condense our beautiful vision into a concrete plan to change the world - to make it the world we all deserve! We are very grateful for their support and counsel in making this project a reality.